chocolate that feeds

Chocolate crafted as food. Giving back with every bar. Bold yet balanced flavors. And a healthy dose of color. When CEO Jean Thompson founded jcoco (pronounced jay-koko), the ultra-premium sister brand to Seattle Chocolate in 2012, her mission was twofold: elevate the way people experience chocolate and turn an everyday indulgence into an opportunity to make a difference. Today, jcoco is a cult-favorite among epicureans and has donated more than 3.7 million servings to organizations working to combat hunger.


Working directly with a small, local Peruvian chocolate maker ensures full traceability and sustainable farming practices - and the best flavor profile possible. To preserve these practices for many years to come, we pay our farmers substantially above the industry average for fine cacao. By supporting origin cacao from small farms, you’re helping ensure a thriving future for farmers - and chocolate in general.


Since its first bar sold, jcoco has harnessed the power of chocolate to feed our hungry neighbors in need - and that hasn’t changed. With every purchase of jcoco you make, 10% of net profits go to Americans affected by food insecurity through our incredible food bank partners like Northwest Harvest, Food Bank for New York City, and San Francisco-Marin Food Bank; because access to healthy food is something we all need to thrive.


We believe that chocolate is food, every bit as complex as your favorite wine or craft spirit; and we serve jcoco as dessert, in tasting flights and food and wine pairings, and alongside—or in place of—sweet and savory courses. The jcoco experience is now even richer, with a variety of high-cacao blends that bring flavors like Crisp Quinoa Sesame and Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt to a new level.

"I believe we are in a chocolate renaissance."


meet our founder

Jean Thompson, jcoco’s founder and the “j” in jcoco, is an unstoppable force for change. Her vision for the future includes chocolate as its own course at the table, a food celebrated as both delicious and nutritious, and appreciated for its rich layers of flavor and nuance based on terroir, fermentation, and roasting.

She built jcoco as a brand that respects its farmers, its supply chain, and its revered product: chocolate. And because an indulgence can always be an opportunity to make a difference, jcoco was founded to give back to hungry neighbors in need with every bar.

experience chocolate together

High-quality cacao can transcend our expectations of chocolate. We think of artisanal chocolate as its own food group, and we serve jcoco as dessert, in tasting flights and food and wine pairings, and alongside—or in place of—sweet and savory courses. Some people break bread at the table; we believe in breaking chocolate.

jcoco 1oz bars

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