Valentine's Day

Truffle bars, truffles, and gifts for Valentines of every kind. 



Special Edition

We like to have fun with chocolate, so there's always something new up our sleeves. Shop chocolate for special occasions, from football games to the Moon Landing. 




From birthday parties and weddings to promotions and graduations, we believe chocolate always makes the best gift.



Truffles by Flavor

Our brightly colored truffles are simply irresistible. Shop by flavor or color, or get an assortment and try them all!



Signature Truffle Bars

Known for their creamy meltaway centers, our signature truffle bar line has a flavor (or two) for everyone.



Seattle Collection

Experience the seasons of the Pacific Northwest with truffle bars and gifts inspired by iconic Seattle locations - from the Space Needle to Pike Place Market.




Give your guests a taste of the Northwest with our truffle favor boxes, available in your favorite flavors and colors!