Katie Smith

Katie Smith is a Scottish illustrator based in Glasgow. Her work focuses on all the good things in life - sunshine, the outdoors, and beauty in the everyday. Katie’s work is playful, energetic, and colorful, consisting of both digital and analog techniques.

Q & A with Katie Smith

  • Which design in the Brunch Bunch is your favorite?

    Lemony Blueberry Muffin, not because this is my top brunch choice but because I just want to be ‘that’ couple. I had so much fun illustrating this one in particular because it felt so joyous and fun and everything that screams BRUNCH with your number 1. 

  • What inspired you when making these designs?

    I was inspired by all the good times I’ve spent having brunch. It’s such a playful meal that combines luxury and play. It usually means a little break in the middle of my day, catching up with girlfriends, and taking time for a little indulgence; I wanted to show that off!

  • How would you describe your style? How has it evolved?

    I’ve definitely evolved over time to drawing more of what I like, I’ve always drawn what I love but I take more time now figuring myself out as a person and what art means to me. I love being an illustrator and I like to create work that other people can take pleasure from and find a common ground. It usually involved fashion, women’s style, sunshine, and beautiful places, things, and good food. Everything that is great in life really! 

  • What other artists inspire you?

    I love David Hockney, his colours and the way he works is gorgeous. Especially his piece ‘A bigger Grand Canyon’, the way he uses pinks, greens, blues, and oranges is so dreamlike. I also really love Bodil Jane who made a beautiful set of wrappers with the same chocolate brand <3” 

  • What’s your go-to brunch order? 

    Either a blueberry muffin, a croissant, or french toast with banana. 

“I’ve been following Katie Smith for a couple of years now and was thrilled by the opportunity to collaborate with her. She took our idea of creating a brunch line and brought it to life, depicting scenes that can only be described as joyful, playful and straight up vibey.”

Ellie Thompson Brand Manager

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