Arabica Espresso

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The Arabica coffee species originated in the highlands of Ethiopia, and now makes up about 59% of the world’s coffee production. In our Arabica Espresso bar, we’ve infused 60% cacao dark chocolate with fresh ground espresso as well as a unique, sustainable ingredient called CoffeeFlour®. CoffeeFlour® is a nutrient-dense powder made by drying and grinding the fruit of the coffee plant - a substance that has traditionally been discarded. Researchers recently discovered the nutritional, economic, and environmental benefits of utilizing the coffee fruit. Rich in antioxidants, potassium, iron, and fiber, CoffeeFlour® lends deep fruity undertones and a slightly coarse texture to this superfood bar. We recommend pairing with a deep red wine with dark berry and oak notes. non-gmo | gluten-free | vegan | kosher | rainforest alliance certified cacao


chocolate liquor*, cane sugar, cocoa butter*, dried arabica coffee cherry (CoffeeFlour®), coconut oil, decaffeinated espresso, soya lecithin, natural vanilla, fine sea salt. Contains soya and coconut.

*Rainforest Alliance Certified™


- Gluten-Free

- Non-GMO

- Vegan

Rainforest Alliance CertifiedKosher Dairy

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Customer Reviews

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