Rainier Cherry Truffle Bar

Richard Kehl

The artist behind many Seattle Chocolate designs, including our Rainier Cherry, Salted Almond Espresso, and Coconut Sea Salt truffle bars, former University of Washington professor Richard Kehl blends the beauty of the dream and reality. The true qualities of elegance and originality visible in Richard’s “Kehlages” are not designed to relate messages or personal stories, but rather to ignite the imagination and evoke mystery. Individually compelling objects are made even more so through his attentive orchestration, setting off an endless chain of emotional and visual associations that spark an overflowing of the dream into reality, or reality into the dream. A special “something-in-between” flourishes in the margins beyond what the images depict, and the subliminal impact lingers in the viewers mind long after the show’s end. Learn more at http://www.richardkehl.com.

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“Bruce Hale brought Richard Kehl to our attention, when he shared a letter Richard sent him decorated in pen and ink with a beautiful painting of a bird. That thoughtfulness and careful artistry drew us in, and we used that envelope for the Salted Almond truffle bar (you’ll notice the post office stamp if you look carefully). My favorite painting, however, is the incredible floral arrangement with elegant hidden figures nestled amongst the petals that we used for the Coconut Macaroon truffle bar. The original illustration of the purple tulip and butterflies on the Rainier Cherry truffle bar actually included a nude female we cropped out of the artwork for the packaging!”

- Kirsty Ellison, vice president of marketing

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