Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen, the artist behind our Moon Rocks truffle bar, is a freelance illustrator who’s always been inspired by words, wherever they’re found. From the picture books she read as a child, to poetry, to paper ephemera in vintage shops,the sounds and shapes of words are what get her creative cogs turning. Hand-lettering has become a signature of her work, along with painterly brush strokes and an eye for tiny details. Jessica’s background in art history and graphic design strongly influence her visual aesthetic. She has created illustrations for a wide range of projects, including magazines, stationery, book covers, and food packaging. Jessica lives in Rhode Island with her husband, her two daughters, and a wiry little dog named Roo. Learn more at

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“When we decided to commemorate the first Moon Landing with a truffle bar, we knew it had to be done in a way that expressed the magic of the moment; bringing it to life for all ages. I was so drawn to how Jessica used deep colors and soft lines to create movement. With her unique aesthetic, she was able to show the Moon Landing in a way that felt both fresh and nostalgic. The end result is a chocolate bar that makes people ages 5 to 100 smile!”

- Charity Hestead, director of marketing communication

Q&A with Jessica

What inspired you to create the illustration for the Moon Rocks milk chocolate truffle bar?  

As I researched the history of space exploration, I found so many fantastic images from science fiction book covers and comic books of the 1940s and 50s. This artwork wonderfully captured a certain zeitgeist—a sense of wonder and possibility mixed with the unknown in “The Future.” I tried to reflect the color palettes and mood of this artwork in my own design.

How did it feel to celebrate the Apollo 11 Moon Landing through your work?

It was a thrill to be part of commemorating an historic event that, even after 50 years, is a vivid memory for so many.

You’ve mentioned you’re a knitter. What is your favorite thing to knit?

I have craft-attention-deficit disorder, so hats and gloves are ideal to knit. I can have fun choosing colors and patterns, but they can be knit in a reasonable amount of time, before my attention is diverted to the next beautiful Pinterest project.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I was tickled when Seattle Chocolate told me they’d sent Moon Rocks bars to Buzz Aldrin!

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