Dylan Mierzwinski

Dylan Mierzwinski is an illustrator and surface designer living in Phoenix, Arizona, and the designer behind our Hazelnut Butter Crisp truffle bar. As an artist she’s known for her warm style and bold, retro, botanical illustrations. As a self-taught artist and teacher, Dylan has enthusiastically grown into her position as a creative cheerleader and combiner of unexpected colors. She enjoys waving at dogs, quoting Michael Scott, and encouraging people to talk about their feelings (not a joke). Learn more at bydylanm.com and skillshare.com.

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“Dylan's floral prints connote the brightness and delight one feels when they take a moment for themselves. In this case, a moment for creamy hazelnut butter and milk chocolate. What inspires me most about Dylan is that she's not just a talented artist — she is also a teacher. She shares her creativity with the world by teaching others to apply their own imagination to illustrations and journaling.”

- Mellina White, senior manager, digital strategy

A Chat with Dylan

Where do you look for inspiration in your art process?

Everywhere. I used to think inspiration only came from other art or spiritual awakenings, but there are shapes, colors, and connections everywhere. The way a leaf blows, a quilt at grandma's house, art in a hotel, inspiration is all over. I continue to open my eyes.


You’ve mentioned you love Michael Scott (of “The Office”) quotes. What is one of your favorites?

Season 5. Michael is upset that his love, Holly, is moving away. So he says out loud, “I am going to make this way harder than it needs to be.” For Michael Scott, who is typically not at all self-aware, this was quite a moment of recognizing his own behavior.


Talk about your process in creating Skillshare classes.

Skillshare has been like my cool older sibling. I was a student first and it kept me current. Now, teaching is my labor of love and my biggest passion is Skillshare. I get to help people who think they are not creative or an artist and that means a lot. I have 14 classes, from technical skills in PhotoShop and AI, to ones focusing on general creativity. My latest class is 14 days of illustrated journal prompts. It does not matter who you are. These classes can be beneficial in simply giving someone a mental health break.

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