Q & A with Bodil Jane

  • What are you gifting your loved ones this holiday season?

    Our family is suddenly growing very fast! Last April our son Pilou was born. My sister is also expecting a little boy. I think the holiday season will be all about our babies, haha! The amount of stuff you need when you get a baby, it’s just insane. I’m gifting Pilou a wool jumper. For my boyfriend I might buy that expensive Japanese kitchen knife that I’ve spotted. He needs some motivation to cook more at home! For my sister I’m thinking some beautiful wooden blocks and maybe a cute baby pajama. And I’m hoping for some lovely home deco stuff for myself. We’re moving next year…

  • What is your favorite design in the Destination Holiday line?

    Ohhh it’s so hard to choose! But the Window Shopping Gift Box is one of my favourites. It just gives me those instant holiday vibes. I just love to draw walking people, especially when they wear a lot of clothes. And I love that actual window, isn’t that cute! Holiday shopping is just the best kind of shopping right?

  • What are your holiday traditions?

    Our Christmas is usually mainly about the food. I’m always attending three dinners. One with friends on Christmas eve, and the next two days we go to Pete’s family and my family. So just a lot of eating! I love cooking and food, so this is really one of my favourite holidays. I love that it’s international, so I do feel like most of my clients etc. are also celebrating. I can finally truly relax! We always go on a big walk on the beach or in a forest. And we watch a lot of movies. 

  • Tell us about your poodle and why you weaved him into the Destination Holiday designs.

    Miso was born early December 2020. We picked him up while there was a big snow storm going on. We potty trained him in the snow, poor little poodle boy! He’s turning 3 this year. He loves the holidays, as we’re always staying at my parents, and we sleep on a matress on the floor there. So he’s always coming to sleep on our bed, and he can never do that at home. It’s just his favorite thing in the world. Everyone always buys him presents. Last year he got a can of dog “beer”, it was the most disgusting meat based beer thing I’ve ever smelled, but he loved it. Something so cute about a little dog in the cold winter weather. I wrap him in a warm blanket and put him in my bike basket when I go to my studio. Putting poodles in so many of the designs wasn’t fully my idea, the SC women are also huge poodle fans! We just look for excuses to put poodles in everything. The most affectionate dogs on the planet. 

  • Do you have a favorite chocolate bar flavor?

    I love all kinds of chocolate, but dark chocolate (with anything else) is my favorite.

  • What is your favorite thing to do in the sun?

    I’d say everything is better in the sun, but there are some particular situations that I enjoy: I like to take a folding chair from our basement and place it outside along the canal, watching the boats. I also love putting a little mattress on our roof terrace and read the newspaper.

  • Who would you give a ‘you are sunshine’ bar to?

    To my sister, who is a ray of sunshine herself and loves everything sweet.

  • How was it collaborating with a chocolate company on the other side of the world?

    Surprisingly easy! The team were so kind and lovely to work with. I think I’ve never had such a cozy first work video call ever before! I love how we wandered off and talked about poodles instead of only talking business. Even though it was short, I felt like they were actually interested in me and we got to know each other a little. I also felt like they really wanted to give me creative freedom with this project and they truly did. Some clients say that at the beginning of a project, but later on it turns out they actually have a lot of specific wishes.

“It’s always a treat to work with and get to know artists who I’ve admired from a distance, and Bodil Jane is as delightful as she is talented. We selected Bodil Jane to illustrate our Sunshine bar and bag because her work is so vibrant, colorful, whimsical and uplifting; the perfect illustration for chocolate!”

Jean Thompson Owner & CEO

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