Ali Mac

Ali Mac is a Connecticut-based freelance illustrator with a love for all things colorful and quirky. Prior to working freelance, she got her start in the creative industry as a designer for Jonathan Adler. It was there that she gained experience designing for collaborations with Paperless Post, Toms, Barnes and Noble, Evian, Kiehls, and Facebook. Ali gleefully toes the line between cheeky and chic in our fun new Chocolate Greetings Line.

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"I think it was her creative energy and cheeky greeting cards that first drew us to Ali Mac. Her characters (dogs having a party!) make you smile with an occasional laugh out loud, which makes her a perfect fit for our brand."

- Kirsty Ellison, vice president of marketing

Q&A with Ali

    1. Illustrator + seamstress + pattern lover + gif maker, which is the most fun for you?
    2. This one's tough because they're all so enjoyable for me in different ways. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be sewing.
  2. We love the fun you inject into your creations. How do you bring humor to design?
  3. I just always try to add a funny detail or gesture to something I'm illustrating to make it feel a little less ordinary. For example, I could have just stuck to drawing apples, pies and ice cream for the pattern on your new Apple Pie à la Mode packaging, but I thought it would be more exciting to let some gluttonous squirrels crash the party.
  1. Floating dachshunds and peanuts tied to pretzel floaties. Tell me more.  Well, I don't know if you know this about me, but I looooove dachshunds. I have a 17 year old chocolate doxie named Dusky. When I started to think about a palette for your Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate bar, a vision of a black and tan weenie floated right into my frontal cortex.
  3. What was the most surprising thing you found collaborating with a chocolate company? I ate bags and bags of your chocolate for 5 months and I didn't get a single cavity!
  5. Milk or Dark?
  6. Milk!

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